‘Bombshell’ shines spotlight on Wi-Fi inventor Hedy Lamarr

“Hedy Lamarr made your smartphone possible,” Jennifer Bisset reports for CNET. “You might know her as the ‘most beautiful woman in the world,’ a tag she always hated. Lamarr got her start in a 1933 Czech movie called Ecstasy. Then, she struck out for America, where she starred in Tortilla Flat, Samson and Delilah and other movies made during Hollywood’s Golden Age.”

“But Lamarr found Tinseltown shallow. She avoided parties, noodling instead on drafting boards she had installed at home,” Bisset reports. “She improved the design of traffic lights, invented a tablet that dissolved into a soft drink, and reimagined the wings of a fuel-efficient plane for Howard Hughes.”

“Her most enduring invention: a form of frequency hopping that was the forerunner of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS, all of which sit in your phone.,” Bisset reports. “‘When we close our eyes, we don’t see a female inventor. We see Thomas Edison,’ says Alexandra Dean, explaining why she chose to direct Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story, a new documentary on Lamarr’s life. ‘This actress had done this groundbreaking invention and never been recognized.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Amazing! Lamarr was obviously very beautiful, talented, and smart – a killer combination!


      1. Actually, it did. OSS and other covert agencies during WWII used frequency-hopping radios (in addition to other techniques) for secure communications near the end of the war.

    1. She did not invent Wi-fi, but invented a technology key to its current implementation. She’s one of the giants on whose shoulders modern communications engineers stand.

  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hedy_Lamarr

    “At the beginning of World War II, Lamarr and composer George Antheil developed a radio guidance system for Allied torpedoes, which used spread spectrum and frequency hopping technology to defeat the threat of jamming by the Axis powers. ***Although the US Navy did not adopt the technology until the 1960s***, …the principles of their work are arguably incorporated into Bluetooth technology, and are similar to methods used in legacy versions of CDMA and Wi-Fi.”


    1. Fuck me, nignog – you got Google Search too, like the rest of us Jews? Thanks for the history lesson. And remember that the States were built on the back of the Irish, and NOT the blacks.

  2. For the racy, the daring and the over 18, you can watch Hedy Lamarr’s famous early film ‘Ecstasy’ or ‘Ekstase’ in its entirety (versus mere clips) HERE:

    FYI: The infamous scene has been highly exaggerated in the press. But for it’s time, it was a ground breaking film. The camera alone was innovative.

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