“The most convincing lie Steve Jobs ever told was ‘you already know how to use it,'” David Pierce writes for Wired. “That notion, of course, is false. Apple’s very good at teaching people to use products through ads, videos, even the setup process on their devices, but nobody’s born knowing how to use an iPhone. It never mattered, because Apple included one feature everyone did already know how to use: the home button.”

“The home button was the thing you pressed when you didn’t know what else to do. It let you feel free to explore, smashing and swiping on the screen, because if it all went haywire you could quickly undo it all and start over,” Pierce writes. “But in 2017, Apple did away with the home button.”

Apple's revolutionary iPhone X

Apple’s revolutionary iPhone X

Pierce writes, “Here’s the good news: After two months with the iPhone X, I don’t really miss the home button anymore.”

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