“The dual September unveiling of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, but staggered release dates, was borne out of necessity and not “marketing,” Apple CEO Tim Cook told CNBC after reporting blowout quarterly earnings,” Matthew J. Belvedere reports for CNBC.

“‘If we could do anything we wanted to, we would have obviously shipped 8, 8 Plus and X on the same day,’ Cook said Thursday evening in an off-camera interview. ‘But we felt like the most important thing for us to do was to announce them on the same day so we wouldn’t have customers buy an 8 and then we announce the X and ship it and they go, ‘Oh, you hosed me, I would’ve bought a X,”” Belvedere reports. “‘That’s the reason that we did the stagger,’ Cook said. ‘It wasn’t a marketing thing. It was we weren’t ready to ship; we were still working on [the X]. We accelerated the date at which we were initially planning to do iPhone X. And that’s how we got here and we’re going to learn a lot.'”

“Cook also told CNBC on Thursday that the iPhone X was ‘quickly backlogged’ due to strong demand,” Belvedere reports. “Asked when supply would catch up, he said there’s no telling when.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, there’s absolutely no way, they could have unveiled and launched iPhone and 8 Plus and then revealed the iPhone X a month later.