On September 12, 2017, Apple introduced the new Apple TV 4K and announced that Apple TV 4K will also offer 4K HDR content from popular video services, including Amazon Prime Video, “coming soon.”

After a brief, teasing blip where Apple TV units reportedly appeared for sale on Amazon for a few hours on a day in late September… crickets.

It’s now November 2nd, but there’s no Amazon app in the Apple TV App Store nor are there Apple TV units for sale on Amazon.

One of Amazon Prime Video’s biggest series, The Grand Tour, is soon to debut its second season on December 8th:

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May return for a new season of the world’s greatest show about three middle-aged men rampaging around the world having unusual adventures, driving amazing cars, and engaging in a constant argument about which of them is the biggest idiot. Although it’s also the only show that combines these things so the ‘greatest’ title is pretty much uncontested.


MacDailyNews Take: Here’s hoping Apple and Amazon get to work on this “coming soon” stuff. We’d love to finally be able to watch The Grand Tour via our Apple TVs and for people to be able to purchase Apple TVs from Amazon.

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