“The CNBC All-America Economic Survey finds that 64 percent of Americans now own an Apple product, up from 50 percent when the question was last asked five years ago,” Steve Liesman reports for CNBC. “The average American household reports owning 2.6 Apple products, up by a full Apple product from the 2012 survey.”

“‘I cannot think of any other product — especially any other product at a high price point — that has that kind of permeation with the public and level of growth,’ said Jay Campbell, pollster with Hart Research, which conducted the survey along with Public Opinion Strategies,” Liesman reports. “The household ownership rate is below 50 percent for only a few groups, including those with incomes under $30,000, retirees and women over age 50. By contrast, 87 percent of American with incomes over $100,000 report owning at least one Apple product.”

“The wealthiest Americans own 4.7 products per household compared with just one for the poorest,” Liesman reports. “Americans in the West own 3.7, compared with 2.2 in the South.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Unsurprising.

In other news, among people with IQ’s above 70, one hundred percent own an Apple product. 😉

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