“According to a sneak peak of a new report from LendingTree (full report coming soon), users of Apple Mac computers have the highest credit scores both in the personal loan and mortgage loan categories,” Curtis Silver reports for Forbes. “The report also looked at purchase requests by device (the percent of the one million loan dataset in each category) and the average final loan amount.”

“Google Android users not only had the lowest overall credit score in the personal loan category, but in the mortgage category as well. While Mac users scored the highest in both categories, they accounted for the least amount of personal loans (7.08%) and the second to least amount of mortgages (10.28%),” Silver reports. “Meanwhile, in both categories Windows users were clomping around the middle in both credit score and loan amounts, but weren’t shy about volume. Over 30% of the loan requests came from Windows users.”

“‘In both personal loan and mortgage products, loan requests from Macintosh users have the highest average credit score and highest average loan amount while Android users have the lowest in each category, which may be a reflection of price points and affordability of the respective devices,’ said Doug Lebda, founder and CEO of LendingTree via email,” Silver reports. “The lowest average credit score that LendingTree reported was 667. This belonged to Android users applying for personal loans.”

Average Credit Scores by Device

Source: LendingTree

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