“Our friends at Vox made a handy eclipse-watching tool that tells you exactly when you should be outside to see the action,” The Verger reports.

Just type your zip code into the tool “to see what time to watch and what your eclipse will look like,” The Verge reports. “Just make sure you don’t look at the Sun without the proper safety equipment.”

Lifehacker reports that Apple says you won’t damage your iPhone cameras by pointing them at the eclipse.

So, just turn your back to the sun, put your iPhone or iPad on selfie mode and watch the eclipse over your shoulder on your iPhone or iPad.

Your iPhone’s and iPad’s main (rear) cameras are much better quality than their selfie cams, so, if you want to take regular photo you can try that, just use the iPhone/iPad’s screen to view, don’t look directly at the sun!

The “What time is the eclipse?” tool is here.