“This is the last installment of this column, and as such, I wanted to cover one of the most important features on the Mac: the Finder,” Kirk McElhearn writes for Macworld. “This file manager, browser, and user interface layer is the tool that people use to launch applications, work with and manage files and folders, and control pretty much everything their computer does.”

“The early Mac was revolutionary, bringing the desktop metaphor to everyday computers,” McElhearn writes. “While the desktop metaphor is practical and useful, maybe it’s time to move on. Apple has [made] a variant of this with iOS. It’s got apps and windows, but no files — though files appear in some apps, in lists — and the pointer is your fingers. Perhaps its time to start experimenting on the desktop. I would be surprised if Apple doesn’t have teams working on new interfaces, and I would love to see how they imagine this, even if it’s only as a proof of concept.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple iOS 11’s Files app is the Finder for iOS.