Apple helping Indian Railways to increase train speeds over 600 km per hour

“Eyeing trains speeds of 600 km per hour, the government is working with global technology firms like Apple to help take Indian railways to the next level, Union minister Suresh Prabhu said on Friday,” PTI reports.

“”You can yourself imagine how much travelling time this will save.” Sharing plans for the future, Prabhu said the government had six-eight months ago called major technology developers working on increasing train speeds to more than 600 km per hour,” PTI reports. “‘We are already working with companies like Apple… technology will not only be imported in India but will be co- developed in India,’ Prabhu said.”

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“Apple is determined to increase its presence in India and has made (and is making) a range of investments to enable it to grow its business there,” Jonny Evans writes for Apple Must.

“It is not especially clear how Apple will be able to help develop solutions to enhance train speeds as this isn’t one of the company’s key skills,” Evans writes. “However, mobile devices and the implications of software on transportation are key areas of interest to the company.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We expect that Apple’s Macs, iPads, and iPhones are part of the solution which is nice to see in a large scale enterprise such as the Indian railway system.


      1. Maybe they can sue the train company for not putting enough hand-rails on the roof of the train. Train-surfing all of India is the only way to see the country as it was meant to be seen. I’m sure India must have the Guinness world’s record for group train-surfing.

    1. No doubt some will try, until the mortality rate becomes widely known. Someone should develop a method of tracking deaths from train surfing. There must be an app for that…

  1. Desperately, the US needs speed trains itself. Traveling with speed trains in Japan, China were so easy, convenient. Why Japan and China can do it and we can’t?. We are the hubs of high technology, why overlooked one of the important vessels here in the US?. WE NEED IT more than ever.

    1. You should know how meticulous the employees are in Japan and China. We don’t need any American train engineers falling asleep at the controls of a train moving over 200 MPH. When a train derails at that speed you’ll have a two-mile long debris field to sift through. Oh, the humanity.

      In other countries, people seriously want and need high-speed trains and they’ll do anything to get them. In the U.S. there are too many greedy people wanting money under the table to allow things to get done. America is no longer the type of country my parents grew up in. America used to be the country that leads the world. Now we’re just slow-poke followers when it comes to the construction of anything.

      Don’t worry. Elon Musk is going to set us up with Hyperloop travel. 0-700 MPH in the blink of an eye. Your local Hyperloop section should be under construction quite soon.

    2. Don’t sell your country short, some of the recent inventions have illustrated why you don’t need speed trains;

      -the nothing burger
      -the covfefe
      – alternate facts
      – fake news
      – torture at the Guantanamo on the Bay Resort
      – Enemy combatants. the invention to circumvent the Geneva convention.
      – The “aim for Bin Laden hit Saddam Hussein” guidance system.

      Of course the hallmark of your nation’s recent inventions is that incredible weapons of mass destruction program in Iraq. Your nation has been at war there for over a decade, with kills in the hundred of thousands of innocent civilians, but don’t worry, keep looking you are bound to find it, or exterminate the population doing so.

    3. Hell Yeah XYZ!

      The USA is a victim of corporatocracy. In this case we’re being held back by both the carbon fuel industry AND the automobile industry. The history of their meddling in the transportation systems of the USA is long and horrific. My country is now several DECADES behind much of the rest of the world in the quality of rail travel.

      And The Trump wants to gut federal funding for Amtrak. Aren’t we smart.

      Amtrak’s long-distance train routes could get the ax

      But 23 states now [being] served only with long-distance trains would have no passenger rail under the Trump administration proposal. It would become impossible to travel via train to the West Coast, the South or the nation’s midsection, eradicating the concept of a national rail system.

      Brilliant. :Roll:

  2. Apple, please help the USA’s archaic, antiquated, slow, embarrassingly craptastic rail system!

    I recently gagged watching General Electric brag about their current train engines as they showed pictures of the decrepit old POS fossils they are as compared to Japan, Germany, South Korea, China, France, Spain, Italy, UK, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, Iceland, Canada, Austria, Australia…. 🙄 :-Q*****

    1. In that case let’s hope you don’t run out of usable airspace as its been anounced we are in the UK today. Mind you that may or may not be related to pushing through the proposed HS2 rail network.

      1. It isn’t the airspace, but the lack of places to land. The four major airports serving London (one of them nearly fifty miles away) have five runways between them. Dallas has two airports with a total of nine runways. Washington DC has three with ten runways in use and another under construction at Dulles. Not counting a couple of other airports as close to NYC as Stanstead is to London, the three main New York fields have nine runways.

        Additional runways at London Heathrow or Gatwick have been mired in local politics for the last fifty years.

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