“Imagine being able to build the items that you see in your mind’s eye in 3D space, using gestures and a pen,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “Then imagine being able to bring those creations into the real world with a 3D printer.”

“That’s the potential we’ll see unleashed in the coming months as the perfect storm of technology advancements empower this section of the industry,” Evans writes. “Apple’s move to introduce AR support at a platform level with ARKit means developers – including hardware developers – can now develop sophisticated solutions for a huge market of customers.”

“As Apple continues to develop its AR platform we will see it become better at doing things like recognizing walls as well as floors, and see it develop the capacity to recognize objects in the real world,” Evans writes. “That’s where Obsidian steps in. This recently funded Kickstarter project aimed to create a 3D printer for the rest of us.”

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MacDailyNews Take: With mainstream 3D printing we’ll all be able to build things that were impossible to create before (like this). It’s a paradigm shift!