“The Mac and iOS software developer Panic has had the source code for several of its apps stolen,” BBC News reports. “Panic founder Steven Frank admitted in a blog post that it happened after he downloaded an infected copy of the video encoding tool Handbrake.”

“He said there was no sign that any customer data was accessed and that Panic’s web server was not affected,” The Beeb reports. “Users have been warned to download Panic’s apps only from its website or the Apple App Store.”

“On 2 May Handbrake was hacked, with the Mac version of the app on one of the site’s download servers replaced by a malicious copy,” The Beeb reports. “The FBI is investigating the incident and Panic has been working with Apple to make sure that no malicious or fake versions of the apps get into the App Store.”

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“In a case of extraordinarily bad luck, even for a guy that has a lot of bad computer luck, I happened to download HandBrake in that three day window, and my work Mac got pwned,” Frank writes on Panic’s blog. “Long story short, somebody, somewhere, now has quite a bit of source code to several of our apps… I feel like a monumental idiot for having fallen for this.”

“I managed to download within the three day window during which the infection was unknown, managed to hit the one download mirror that was compromised, managed to run it and breeze right through an in-retrospect-sketchy authentication dialog, without stopping to wonder why HandBrake would need admin privileges, or why it would suddenly need them when it hadn’t before,” Frank writes. “I also likely bypassed the Gatekeeper warning without even thinking about it, because I run a handful of apps that are still not signed by their developers. And that was that, my Mac was completely, entirely compromised in 3 seconds or less.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yikes, that’s extraordinarily bad luck indeed!

Never download a copy of one Panic’s apps from a source that is not Panic’s website or Apple’s Mac App Store.

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