“That new Samsung Galaxy S8 looks amazing,” Patrick Holland writes for CNET. “But, I won’t get one. The Galaxy S8, like all Android phones, lacks a tiny blue-bubbled wonder: iMessage. And while it’s not the only feature keeping me on an iPhone, it might be the most significant. As many iPhone users know, iMessage is a hard addiction to beat.”

“What is it about those friendly blue text bubbles that has a hold on me? Is it that the color blue has come to represent all the wonderful things iMessage is capable of?” Holland writes. “Or am I just afraid of becoming a green bubble to my blue bubble friends and family? This is an honest dilemma for me. And there is really only one solution: I want iMessage on Android.”

“At last year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), third-party app-makers got access to iMessage software in order to create apps, stickers and games for the service. This marked the first time Apple opened up iMessage compatibility publicly,” Holland writes. “Some journalists, even me, thought this foreshadowed a future where Apple might bring iMessage to Android. That would change everything. But right now it’s just speculation, so let’s not jump the gun.”

“While iMessage isn’t the only reason I stay — the camera, iOS, iCloud backup and tech support from the Apple Store — it’s definitely one of the most compelling,” Holland writes. “So if iMessage doesn’t hop ship to Android, then I probably won’t either.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We haven’t heard peep one about Apple delivering “Messages for Android” this year. Perhaps the stickiness and the iPhone sales it aids outweighs the potential benefits of owning and controlling the world’s dominant messaging app? Hardware sales trump sticker sales.

Note to Fragmandroid settlers: We read your green missives with pure disdain; every one of them screams “look at my poor choice!” in neon green.

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