“New data from comScore shows that 5% of all U.S. households with a WiFi connection now use Apple TV,” Ben Lovejoy reports for 9to5Mac. “Apple’s streaming TV box is the fourth most popular platform after Roku, Amazon’s fireTV and Google’s Chromecast. comScore collected the data in December of last year.”

“The company notes that despite the growing use of video on demand services,” Lovejoy reports, “live TV still dominates, accounting for 84% of all viewing against 14.9% time-shifted TV and just 1.1% video on demand.”

“In streaming services, Netflix is the unsurprising market leader at just under 40% penetration, followed by YouTube at around 27% and Amazon Video at a surprisingly high 17%,” Lovejoy reports. “Hulu remains below 10%.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Amazon’s success does not surprise us as the company smartly signed Mssrs. Clarkson, Hammond, and May (The Grand Tour which smashed Amazon’s streaming record late last year). That could have been Apple instead, had Apple had executives with the vision and ability to get the deal done.

As we wrote back in November:

Apple blew this by being shortsighted and cheap.

Of course, “The Grand Tour” streams in 4K, so Apple’s inexplicably handicapped Apple TV can’t even handle it anyway. Like we said: Shortsighted and cheap.

Now that Apple’s hired Amazon’s Fire TV head to run their Apple TV business, we hope to see things to finally move and improve on the Apple TV front.

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