“After months of waiting, Nintendo’s modular console has arrived – and it’s quite the doozy,” Chris Rowlands writes for Stuff. “Is it, though, a platform without compare? See, while the Nintendo Switch does triple duty as a home console, play-anywhere tablet and multiplayer machine, it’s not the first to offer such modularity. Take the iPad. Sure, it’s a tablet first – and performs that function very well – but it can also act as an at-home gamer and will do multiplayer, too.”

“We selected the five-star iPad Mini 4 – which is closest to the Switch on screen size and price – sent it into a darkened room with the Switch and poked them both with sticks until fighting ensued,” Rowlands writes.

“If you want a games machine that’ll go anywhere, work on your TV and do other stuff, too – not to mention offer up a lot more games and content – then buy an iPad Mini 4,” Rowlands writes. “If you have to have those Nintendo exclusives, though, and want an experience that can’t be imitated – from the Joy-Cons to the astounding ease of the Dock – there’s no other answer than the Switch.”

Tons more in the full shootout here.

MacDailyNews Take: We bet a lot of people will opt to have both an iPad and a Nintendo Switch!