Messy Messages: Apple needs to do more with Messages’ continuity across devices

“We all send and receive lots of text messages,” Kirk McElhearn writes for Macworld. “Some are iMessages, some are SMSs, but everyone uses them.”

“It’s convenient that I can see all my text messages on all my devices, thanks to my iCloud account,” McElhearn writes. “I can get a text message on my iPhone and see it on my iPad, my iPod touch, or on either of my Macs.”

“I don’t like the clutter of conversations I don’t need,” McElhearn writes. “The problem arises when you have multiple devices. You need to delete each conversation on each device… If Messages can send these messages to all my devices using iCloud… why can’t iCloud also delete the conversations on all my devices?

Much more in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: Seems like this could be easily accomplished by Apple and, as Kirk suggests, Apple should also provide a setting to only delete messages on the selected device, too.

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  1. Go one further. If I read the message on one device, I shouldn’t have to go to messages on another device and mark read the 100 messages that have accumulated there that I do have saved conversations on but have simply read them. It’s a pain when you work on 2 devices. It’s in the way when you work on 3 or more. The watch is paired to the phone I know, but at least when I read one on the watch, it’s marked read on the phone. If messages could do this across devices, I’d be fine. Deleted should work just like the article requests as well.

    1. Fundamental. This is such a no-brainer. Attention to detail was part of SJ’s legacy. Apple can do bettter here. This back/forth process to keep messages up-to-date across devices is such a time waste. Also, the syncing can be improved between devices and computer. On occasion, messages on a device fail to appear on the computer. I don’t care about ballons and other background visuals. I simply want messages to be functional across devices/computer.

  2. Agreed. And go one further by marking a message read across all devices once I read it on one. It’s almost not worth turning on messages on my Mac which I use on weekends and messages there are so convenient, but when I sit down on Friday evening, I have to clear read or delete all the old messages first thing.

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