Nintendo Switch vs iPad Mini 4: Which is the better games machine?

“After months of waiting, Nintendo’s modular console has arrived – and it’s quite the doozy,” Chris Rowlands writes for Stuff. “Is it, though, a platform without compare? See, while the Nintendo Switch does triple duty as a home console, play-anywhere tablet and multiplayer machine, it’s not the first to offer such modularity. Take the iPad. Sure, it’s a tablet first – and performs that function very well – but it can also act as an at-home gamer and will do multiplayer, too.”

“We selected the five-star iPad Mini 4 – which is closest to the Switch on screen size and price – sent it into a darkened room with the Switch and poked them both with sticks until fighting ensued,” Rowlands writes.

“If you want a games machine that’ll go anywhere, work on your TV and do other stuff, too – not to mention offer up a lot more games and content – then buy an iPad Mini 4,” Rowlands writes. “If you have to have those Nintendo exclusives, though, and want an experience that can’t be imitated – from the Joy-Cons to the astounding ease of the Dock – there’s no other answer than the Switch.”

Tons more in the full shootout here.

MacDailyNews Take: We bet a lot of people will opt to have both an iPad and a Nintendo Switch!


  1. I’m still trying to buy that Nintendo Retro Classic for the actual $60 it goes for. And people talk of Apple’s mismanagement of product availability! This thing has been out since last November and speculators are still buying them up and selling them for at least twice the price on eBay.

  2. I have an iPad mini 4. It’s an incredibly versatile computing device, with a large screen that is still small and light enough to hold comfortably with one hand. My computing arsenal is now a desktop Mac (for extra-large screen), iPad mini (for mobile computing), and older-model iPhone purchased used with ultra-cheap wireless plan (as “carry-around everywhere” communication device).

  3. So, here’s the thing… iPad doesn’t come with a controller. Yes, they are available separately, but that doesn’t mean that eveyone has one. The Switch automatically has TWO controllers AND a touch screen. This means its a more versatile unit because developers don’t have to guess if or which controller has been purchased. For true gaming flexibility with true console style gaming AND touch games (as they become available) chose Switch. For more casual gaming with some console type games plus productivity apps, chose iPad. I gotta say, outside of simplistic games I don’t like the touch screen as my only control on the iPad. I now have both Switch and iPad and they are really two different breeds. But Switch wins hands down for true game console games. iPad wins for productivity and simple games without a controller.

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