Apple has debuted two new television commercials for the company’s iPad Pro as part of their Twitter-themed ad campaign.

In the first 15-second spot, “Need Less Things,” Apple says the iPad Pro can replace a scanner, a pad of paper and a laptop. And then, for some “comic” relief, there’s a ventriloquist’s dummy. You know, because office stuff is boring.

In the second 15-second ad, “Take Better Notes,” Apple says iPad Pro and Apple Pencil have revolutionized the way we take notes and, if you fall asleep in class, you can even record lectures, too. Apple’s iPad Pro is literally perfect for students!

iPad Pro – Need Less Things

iPad Pro – Take Better Notes

MacDailyNews Take: The more ads for iPad Pro, the better. These two are perfectly serviceable.

Interns: TTK!!!

Apple debuts new Twitter-themed ad campaign for iPad Pro – February 17, 2017