“With the rumor mill currently fixated on the possible launch of an iPhone 8, its features, design and possible specs,” Darren Wall reports for ValueWalk. “You could have easily missed reports about an Apple patent application which could show a futuristic iPhone 9 design. One that if accurate may lead to a revolution in mobile technology and completely transform the form factor.”

“Last Thursday an Apple Patent was published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office,” Wall reports. “Since its publication, some have started to suggest that this could be the iPhone 9 a handset 18-months away.”

“Looking at the first Patent diagram [below] it’s clear to see that this device has a retractable display,” Wall reports. “Apparently, two cylindrical looking housing units on the left-and-right will activate from which the screen will un-scroll.”

Apple patent illustration (source: USPTO)

Apple patent illustration (source: USPTO)

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MacDailyNews Take: For iPhone 9, a mere 18 months away?