The Apple Watch is winning

“Though the mainstream media bias would have you believe otherwise, breaking research reaffirms the prior results that the Apple Watch is winning,” Ophir Gottlieb writes for

“The narrative was written before the product was even released — The Apple Watch was going to be a disaster. The data flew in the face of that narrative, but it didn’t matter — when the mainstream media decides something is a fact, it’s a fact,” Gottlieb writes. “Or, we could look at actual facts.”

“The Apple Watch sold 5 million units in its first holiday season, which is more than twice that of the iPhone on its release. Further yet, Apple Watch sold an estimated 11.6 million units in 2015 which wasn’t even a full year,” Gottlieb writes. “The iPhone sold 5.3 million units in its first year. That turns out to be 117% greater sales from the first Apple Watch when compared to the first iPhone.”

Apple Watch Series 2 with built-in GPS and water resistance to 50 meters
Apple Watch Series 2 with built-in GPS and water resistance to 50 meters

“Going yet further, the iPhone sold 15 million units in its second year, and Apple Watch is estimated to hit 14 million,” Gottlieb writes. “So, the Watch was keeping track. If these numbers seem like they fly in the face of the media coverage, it’s OK, they do.”

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MacDailyNews Take: You can have our Apple Watch Nike+ units when you pry them off our cold, dead wrists.

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  1. AppleWatch is making Apple far more revenue than the Echo is for Amazon but AppleWatch is considered a failure and Amazon’s Echo is considered a huge hit. Why is that? AppleWatch is much more expensive than even the most expensive Echo and there are also Echo Dots which are even less expensive. Despite that, Apple has already sold more AppleWatches than the high-end Echo.

    There’s always this constant praise for the Echo. Is it really that significant to be talking to some device to get information or carry out some tasks. I’m pretty sure if Apple wanted to set up the AppleWatch to carry out spoken tasks it probably could. It’s just so strange why Apple products are always labeled as some sort of disaster by the pundits. Of course, Apple products aren’t perfect, but they’re hardly disasters, either.

    1. Amazon spends a good bit on misinformation against Apple. All it takes is some payola to multiple “writers”/”bloggers” to keep repeating the message. Sad, but Apple and anyone with a brain knew Apple’s competition was not just going to roll over and play dead.

    2. Echo isn’t about making money. It’s about taking consumer data. Like Fuckerberg and Screwgle, Amazon is very successful at taking from the lowest common denominator people out there.

  2. define “winning”.

    First of all, the AW doesn’t compete against the Echo, so let’s compare apples to apples. Second, Apple is so proud of its hit that it refuses to release accurate sales and profit information from it. And who knows how much money Apple spent on the development and advertising of a product that it classifies as “Other” while true mainstream products like Macs, iPods, Airports, etc all die on the vine from lack of updates. But I digress…

    All we have to go on is industry analysts, and the latest report from IDC does not show Apple to be a leader. It placed THIRD behind Fitbit and Xiaomi in sales.

    Garmin has higher profit per unit, Fitbit sells more units.

    Admit it MDN, Apple Watch is geekware that has not and will not hit the mainstream. Even matching Apple pocket protectors isn’t going to make the Apple Watch a hit anytime soon. The whole market for smartwatches is an overhyped fashion fad. If you believe otherwise, then write to Cook and tell him to properly report Apple Watch financials.

  3. The Apple Watch is a slow build. The iPhone can’t be all there is to Apple’s future. Health will unfold over time on the AW(and become more important), and I can already see how much more convenient Apple Pay is on the device. It may take many more years, but AW and Airpods are where things are headed I believe.

  4. Tonite I spent over an hour on Apple’s website putting together an Apple watch/band combination that I really liked. As it turns out, almost all of the decent Sports models were ‘unavailable’. Obviously, these things are selling. Not ready to shell out for the stainless model yet, so I’ll just wait until the supply picks up.

    1. Inavailability does not necessarily mean they are selling. With embarrassing frequency, product unavailability means instead that Apple’s in-house supply chain genius is busy with his social calendar this month.

  5. Better market share than Fitbit? Who cares? Teensy Weensy market share in the watch market.

    Apple overreached with the gold “aquarium anchor” watch. That was not their best moment. Naked pursuit of those with more money than sense does not build brand value.

    Except in very rare circumstances, Americans always find what they call “class” slightly out of reach. It makes for poor judgement in the high end of the market.

    The Apple watch is a niche market. It works for fitness geeks, Apple fans and show-offs. It’s too clunky to be jewellery and too main-street to be desirable. The “luxury” market has two types of buyers: old money and wanna-bes. The former buy stuff that will pay for their grand-daughter’s house when they’re done with it. Like anything by Faberge. The latter but flashy disposables of no intrinsic value. The Apple watch is not in the first category.

    The Apple Watch is not the “next thing”. Indeed, under Cook there may never be a “next thing”.

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