“The group behind one of the largest cyberespionage campaigns has been targeting Mac users with malware designed to steal passwords, take screenshots, and steal backed-up iPhone data,” Danny Palmer reports for ZDNet. “This malware, discovered by cybersecurity researchers at Bitdefender, is thought to be linked to the APT28 group, which was accused of interferring in the United States presidential election.”

“Bitdefender notes a number of similarities between the malware attacks against Macs — which have been taking place since September 2016 — and previous campaigns by the group, believed to be closely linked to Russia military intelligence and also dubbed Fancy Bea,” Palmer reports. “Known as Xagent, the new form of malware targets victims running Mac OS X and installs a modular backdoor onto the system which enables the perpetrators to carry out cyberespionage activities.”

“Analysis of the malware reveals the presence of modules which will probe the infected system for hardware and software configurations, collect information on running processes, harvest desktop screenshots, and steal passwords,” Palmer reports. “Xagent is also capable of stealing iPhone backups stored on a compromised Mac.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The most likely attack vector appears to be via “MacKeeper.”

Do not install MacKeeper. Certainly do not buy MacKeeper. If you have MacKeeper, uninstall it now.

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