“A recent Monday Note covering the MacBook Pro’s perplexing launch earned me a bit of name calling on Twitter,” Jean-Louis Gassée writes for Monday Note. “Having learned not to take the bait, I pointed to facts, to my repeated and comparative battery-life numbers that clearly showed a problem with the new device. The critic’s reply was along the lines of ‘But I’m happy with my trouble-free new MacBook Pro.’ Unarguably true.”

“Happily recuperating from three weeks in France, and with my own MacBook telling me it has more than 8 hours of battery charge left, I decided to write something positive about the Mac. I didn’t have to look far and will start with my own 12” Retina laptop, the ‘Early 2016’ model,” Gassée writes. “The “Early 2016” MacBook is the best laptop I’ve ever owned; I never seem to want for speed or memory.”

“Over the last nine months, I’ve noticed that the MacBook has taken time away from my iPad. Between my large-screen, pocketable iPhone and my lightweight MacBook (a pound-and-a-half lighter than the 2012 it replaced), there’s much less room for an iPad,” Gassée writes. “I might spring for a newer iMac with its sharper display and other improvements cryptically promised by Apple’s CEO, but, as with the MacBook, I can wait. I can understand why Apple has felt little sense of urgency in coming out with new iterations: My three-year-old iMac, need I repeat, is perfect (for me).”

“From my limited perspective, today’s Mac picture isn’t bad at all. With this rosy attitude, one wonders, again, about Apple’s recent loss of control over its own story,” Gassée writes. “But that’s for another, more critical, Monday Note.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Sometimes, Apple’s penchant for secrecy leaves a gaping hole into which all sorts of things can be dumped. A well-oiled PR machine wouldn’t let critics have so much ammunition.

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