“I can see why there won’t be anymore AirPorts. Apple probably isn’t selling enough units to make a difference, and the market they pioneered is no longer viable for so many players,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “So what is Apple going to ax next?”

“Certainly speculation is rife with possibilities. What about the Mac Pro?” Steinberg writes. “Despite its low sales — and I’m assuming they are low for obvious reasons — there is a loyal market for the Mac Pro. It’s just a matter of what Apple needs to do to continue to serve that market, whether it involves a new design, or keeping the present one with newer parts.”

“In an email to a reader, I predicted there would be another Mac refresh in the spring of 2017, after more versions of Intel’s Kaby Lake processors are available. Certainly the iMac will get some love, but it’s less certain about the Mac mini and the Mac Pro,” Steinberg writes. “It would just take a couple of sentences from Tim Cook to address Mac user contains, and such a statement is long overdue.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple under Tim Cook may not be confused, but they sure as hell look like they are.

We have one question that keeps popping up:

Why can’t a company with 120,000 employees — the world’s most valuable company, in fact — manage to make not only a wholly new iPhone annually (other, far lesser companies manage to do it), but also keep their Mac lineup fresh, have a new 4K Apple TV for Christmas 2016, design an Apple TV remote that looks and feels like a human being tested it for five minutes before it went into production, have new iPads ready for the holiday shopping season, etcetera?

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