“It’s been more than a month since teardown shops like iFixit and Chipworks took apart and dissected Apple’s iPhone 7,” Aaron Tilley reports for Forbes. “The biggest surprise remains Apple’s decision to dual source its LTE modems from both Qualcomm and Intel.”

“But there was one little chip that has gone mostly unnoticed. Inside the iPhone 7 is a field-programmable gate array, or FPGA, made by Lattice Semiconductor, according to Chipworks. An FPGA is a type of processor that can be reconfigured after it’s been manufactured and installed in a device. Increasingly, these chips are are used for accelerating machine learning applications in data centers,” Tilley reports. “This is the first time an FPGA has appeared in an iPhone.”

Tilley reports, “FPGAs inside mobile phones remain a rarity.”

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