“Apple is in my car today. A new car I have had now for about 10 days. A totally unnecessary purchase justified by the fact that my old car – a 2014 Suburban – was not technologically savvy enoug,” Carolina Milanesi writes for Tech.pinions. “Now, I have the 2016 model and it does all sorts of things for me — warning me about lane departures, making my seat vibrate when a car or pedestrian is approaching me while reversing, and showing me the direction with a big red arrow on my screen. The most interesting part, however, is having CarPlay and Android Auto.”

Milanesi writes, “As I am currently using an iPhone 7 Plus, I tried out CarPlay and the results are quite interesting.”

“Having CarPlay made me rediscover Maps and features like where I parked my car, the suggested travel time to home or school or the office, suggestions based on routine or calendar information — all pleasant surprises that showed me what I had been missing out,” Milanesi writes. “It also showed me how, by fully embracing the ecosystem, you receive greater benefits.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s the ecosystem, stupid.

Anyone who has an iPhone and a Windows PC or a Mac and an Android phone hasn’t got a clue.

As we wrote on June 14th: “We are armed with Macs, iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and Apple TVs and nobody lacking such a lineup can come even remotely close to our day-to-day capabilities. We are more efficient and we can accomplish much more than non-Apple device sufferers because our devices are infinitely more integrated. No other platform or ecosystem can compare.”

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