CarPlay: The best incarnation of Apple’s ecosystem

“Apple is in my car today. A new car I have had now for about 10 days. A totally unnecessary purchase justified by the fact that my old car – a 2014 Suburban – was not technologically savvy enoug,” Carolina Milanesi writes for Tech.pinions. “Now, I have the 2016 model and it does all sorts of things for me — warning me about lane departures, making my seat vibrate when a car or pedestrian is approaching me while reversing, and showing me the direction with a big red arrow on my screen. The most interesting part, however, is having CarPlay and Android Auto.”

Milanesi writes, “As I am currently using an iPhone 7 Plus, I tried out CarPlay and the results are quite interesting.”

“Having CarPlay made me rediscover Maps and features like where I parked my car, the suggested travel time to home or school or the office, suggestions based on routine or calendar information — all pleasant surprises that showed me what I had been missing out,” Milanesi writes. “It also showed me how, by fully embracing the ecosystem, you receive greater benefits.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s the ecosystem, stupid.

Anyone who has an iPhone and a Windows PC or a Mac and an Android phone hasn’t got a clue.

As we wrote on June 14th: “We are armed with Macs, iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and Apple TVs and nobody lacking such a lineup can come even remotely close to our day-to-day capabilities. We are more efficient and we can accomplish much more than non-Apple device sufferers because our devices are infinitely more integrated. No other platform or ecosystem can compare.”

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  1. There are still several things that bother me about CarPlay. (This is not even getting to the original promise that it will be BOTH “hands free” AND “eyes free” at it is really neither.)

    When I hit the voice activation button on my steering wheel I sometimes go directly to Siri and can directly ask it to do something, e.g., “Call Susan” (I can even make calls using nicknames), other times it defaults to a list of things I can ask and even asking to initiate a phone call I must ask for a call to a person as explicitly listed in my contacts and ask for a specific phone of that person to be dialed.

    There are other nuances like sometimes I can, by voice input, just say “skip song” and it will do so then again at other times that option is not available at all!

    Clearly, there are a lot of kinks to be worked out. It’s getting there, but my personal experience is that it has a long way to go before realizing the promised system.

  2. First, someone needs to tell Ms Clueless that a Suburban is NOT A FUCKING CAR- it is an urban assault vehicle usually driven by women with nobody in back while getting about 12 MPG. They can commonly be seen improperly parked by their owners who seem incapable of driving them. By Gubmint Motors marketing it is a Truck Based SUV.

    As to the cost of CarPlay, VW gives it away unlike the Obamamobile she is driving. Is that a low enough barrier to entry, Ms Milanesi? Only purveyors of cheap crap like Chevy/GMC charge for a software package Apple gives away after you have paid $52,750 for a station wagon built on a truck chassis.

    If someone is getting paid to write about tech and does not know the difference between a truck and a car, how much confidence do you have in anything she tells you? Could she identify the drummer in a stage band or would she confuse them with the Keyboard Player?

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