“Apple made a big, polarizing splash when it announced its new wireless AirPods during last week’s iPhone 7 keynote. The AirPods, which are completely devoid of any wires, were met with plenty of mixed reactions online,” Jeff Benjamin reports for 9to5Mac. “Whether or not you agree with the design of the AirPods is one thing, but the new W1 wireless chip, Apple’s first, is promising to bring a better overall wireless audio experience to the masses.”

“Unfortunately, the AirPods don’t ship until late October… [but] the W1 wireless chip is not only embedded in Apple’s AirPods, you’ll find the same chip tucked away in several pairs of new Beats-branded headphones as well,” Benjamin reports. “The just-released Beats Solo3 On-Ear Wireless Headphones, for instance, has the distinction of being the first product to hit the market with a W1 chip nestled inside.”

“Once you pair your headphones with one device, the pairing information propagates across all iCloud-enabled devices running the latest Apple software,” Benjamin reports. “This means that you can just open Control Center on your iOS 10-enabled iPad, or macOS Sierra-enabled Mac, and the Beats Solo3 headphones will appear as an audio output option. In that regard the process is a bit, as Apple often likes to exclaim, magical.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If you love over-emphasized bass with a smattering of overmodulation randomly peppered throughout for the sake of distortion, Beats headphones are for you!

That said, Apple’s W1 is a significant advance. We can’t wait for it to appear in good-sounding headphone, earphones, and speakers!

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