iPhone 7 unboxing video: Apple’s glossy Jet Black vs. matte Black

“If you’re sold on the idea of a black iPhone 7, but are still wavering between Jet Black and matte black, an unboxing video that shows the two side-by-side may help you make up your mind,” Ben Lovejoy reports for 9to5Mac.

“The matte black model is the larger 7 Plus, but it still gives you a good sense of how the two finishes compare,” Lovejoy reports. Another interesting point to note is step during the setup process where you get to choose the degree of haptic feedback offered by the touch-sensitive Home button.””

Of note, Lovejoy reports is that “Apple [has] revealed that the Jet Black is currently completely sold out, so don’t expect to pick one up anytime soon.”


Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: In our opinion, after having tried pretty much all of them, black-faced iPhones are the way to go (both the glossy Jet Black and the matte Black options offer a black face). All other colors (Silver, Gold, Rose Gold) have white faces which we’ve found to be more distracting and take away from the iPhone’s display vs. black.


    1. Though i agree with black front (black goes with just about anything), it’s product differentiation–pain and simple. They want to make the choice in variants between the models feel compelling enough in regards to buyer appeal..

  1. Tastes obviously differ. My old 2nd gen iPod touch is black, but my iPad 4th gen is white and my iPhone 5S is gold. I don’t find those lighter colors distracting at all, and much prefer them to black.

    1. don’t know what exactly you are saying?

      “or something that used to be free.”
      from what I gather and from the video you get a pair of lightning EarPods just like the free traditional EarPods in the past…

    2. You’re a bunch of idiots. I said headphone “BOX”. The plastic case that holds the headphones. Not the EarPods themselves. Having no box makes them very vulnerable. I always keep them in the box unless I am actively using them.

  2. I was hoping for the jet black phone, but since they are on back order and I plan on keeping a case on it anyway, I’ll be good with the matte black. I plan on hitting Costco tomorrow morning and hoping they don’t have any lines.

  3. Jet Black 7 Plus was effectively on back order from the start. There are some being delivered tomorrow, but that is the supper rare config for sure.

    Apple is saying there will be NO 7 Plus models at any Apple Store at launch. All that is available is the 7 and no Jet Back at all.

      1. Exactly. Me mum wanted to buy a white face iPad 4 and I stated ‘No you don’t!’ and I explained the problem with white frames around displays. She relented and is super happy with her black face iPad 4.

        Similarly, it’s black face iPhone 7 for me, of whichever black.

        [BTW: My secret way of hiding scratches on black surfaces is… a black magic marker. Go for the finest point Sharpie and fill in the scratches with a progression of little black dots inside the scratch. This is how photo retouching is done as well. Dots work far better for the human eye than filling in scratches with an actual line. Practice on a sheet of white paper first.]

  4. I would like to know when the iPhone 7 plus comes avabile. I had an appointment to pick up my new phone 7 plus and I was mistakenly down for the iPhone 7. I was very disappointed plus it took me three hours to get my iPhone 6 Plus back working again. I am in the program that lets you have a new phone ever year forever. I left the Apple Store felling like it will take me forever to get a new iPhone 7 plus.

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