Apple surveys MacBook Pro users about 3.5mm headphone jack, other ports

“In recent weeks, Apple has been sending out surveys to users asking about MacBook Pro features, most notably the headphone jack,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors. “A survey question shared by MacRumors reader Blake asks ‘Do you ever use the headphone port on your MacBook Pro with Retina display?'”

“There are several other reports on Twitter from users who have been asked similar questions about the headphone jack, suggesting Apple is exploring the removal of the headphone jack in a future version of the MacBook Pro,” Clover reports. “Apple has eliminated the headphone jack from the iPhone, so it makes sense that the trend will continue for other products.”

Clover reports, “Based on a leaked MacBook Pro shell, the upcoming MacBook Pro will include four USB-C ports and a headphone jack, with Apple doing away with all other ports on the machine.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple can safely kill the 3.5mm anachronism in the next-next-gen MacBook Pro and future Macs to follow.

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    1. I use my headphone jack on my macbook every single day. EVERY day.

      The better question is, “do you use Apple earbuds or another headphone purged into your jack”

      I use it ONLY because that’s the earbud supplied by Apple (with my phone).

      It is literally going to suck if I cannot use the earbuds with my iphone 7 on my macbook.

  1. “Based on a leaked MacBook Pro shell, the upcoming MacBook Pro will include four USB-C ports and a headphone jack, with Apple doing away with all other ports on the machine.”

    Not including MDP? Or did they kill that as well?

    Headphone jack off of a phone is one thing, off the MBP will not go over well. That’s the only place where I need the Jack.

    1. Maybe they’ll replace it with a lightning port. I doubt they’d remove it this generation though, just because of pro audio equipment that uses it. But if they can make a lightning to 3.5 adapter, they could make a USB-C adapter as well. We shall see

      1. This is what sucks…

        You just know that Apple won’t put a lightning port on their laptops… that just wouldn’t make sense…

        So what WILL happen is that they ditch it for USB-C and then you’ll need a 3.5mm to USB-C and another 3.5mm to lightning…

        AND lightning only headphones just wouldn’t work or would need yet another adapter…

        I think Apple should have just gone to USB-C for the iPhone 7 instead of lightning… it would have avoided quite a few headaches…

    2. What about when you get your new earbuds from your iphone 7 purchase?

      How are you going to stick that in your jack on your macbook?

      You need a jack on the MAC to be compatible with your new earbuds. Not an analog jack!!

      1. iPhone 7 Plus EarPods: Still in the paper sleeve. BLUETOOTH for my iPhone, thats why the 3.5mm jack isn’t an issue for me on the iPhone.
        On the Mac however…

        You do understand that you *can* use non Apple headphones on a Mac right?

  2. I use my 3.5mm headphone jack w/cheapo earbuds at work so as not disturb others (I’m not listening to music or anything that requires particularly high quality). It would be unfortunate to lose this jack in a device that is NEITHER at a premium for space (the way the iPhone is) NOR doesn’t need to function under water.

  3. I use the Apple iPhone headset and a USB microphone for an internet radio show my wife and I do a couple times a month. I would have no problem replacing the current headset with something wireless. It’s just to keep the speakers and microphone separated, in my case. Pretty much anything in the $75 and up range would take care of that. I’d probably go with the new AirPods just as an excuse to get them.

  4. It will be a refresh in the future. The plan will be to include a Lightning port on all Macs to take advantage of the Lightning EarPods in everyone’s hands as the iPhone 7 roll out progresses. They will still include an adaptor and it will the same as the one coming with iPhone 7’s now. This will happen once a critical mass of iPhone 7’s have shipped, maybe sometime next year even after the iPhone 7s/8 rollout on the iPhone’s 10th anniversary.

  5. I was one of those people in 1998 who thought Apple was crazy for releasing a computer without a floppy drive. Now, I give Apple the benefit of the doubt on stuff like that.

    I personally don’t care that my iPhone 7 won’t have a headphone jack as long as there’s a pair of lightning earbuds in the box.

  6. Since when has Apple cared about what its MBP owners think?

    They came up with this “survey” because they were stung by the way they ditched the plug and replaced it with Lightning.

    Apple already knows what they’re going to do. This survey was designed to show us they care.

    They are going to kill the headphone slot in the MBP.

    1. You’re new here.

      Apple did surveys like this in the past. Plenty often. And the result was, inevitably, disappearance of some port/connector/interface that was common before.

      As for being stung, I’m not sure where you’re getting that. They ditched the plug in iPhone 7, which has so far only been available to a few tech publications for review. It goes on sale tomorrow. Mind you, T-Mobile announced that the iPhone 7 pre-orders are four times greater than any previous iPhone model. That sting must be painful…

  7. The beauty of Apple products is that they are well built and last a long time. All of these ridiculous actions will only help the resale pricing of their older products that retain the ports and features people want.

    1. Well, if we look at past data (resale value of older models), it seems that your statement doesn’t hold water.

      Resale values of older devices inevitably drop further on announcement of new models. iPhone 7 isn’t even out yet, but the iPhone 6s resale price has already taken a dive, even though Apple is still selling them new starting at $550. And same thing was when iPhone 5 came out (with new Lightning connector); the old 4s (with 30-pin dock connector) resale value plummeted.

      1. Don’t confuse the resale value of portable phones with laptops. Totally different trends, especially those laptops with user upgradeability.

        Then again, it’s been 6 years since we’ve seen an impressive MacBook Pro redesign, they’ve depreciated about as far as they can.

        I think it would be pretty stupid for Apple to remove the headphone jack on the MacBook Pro.

        Here’s why:

  8. 3.5mm jack in constant use.

    All other ports missing ?

    What about the SD Card reader ? – for use both as an SD Card reader and as a back-up using the micro SD card insert up to 256GB.

  9. Space is not as much of a premium on a Mac Book Pro as it is on the iPhone so the headphone jack should stay for a while longer. Keep the SD slot too. Frankly I don’t want to carry around a lot of adapters just so the MBP can be mostly one solid surface all the way around.

    1. Actually, I no longer believe that “space” is the real motivation that Apple had for getting rid of the headphone jack.

      I heard Tim Cook speak with (some TV reporter) the other day on this subject, and he rattled through a short list of the various “goodness” things why it made sense to dump the jack.

      One of the things he slipped in there was fewer repairs …

      … and we all know that repairs done under warranty (e.g., Applecare, etc) are a drain on profits.


      1. You can look at that another way. Repairs are also an inconvenience to the user so it’s still a win for them too. Apple is also trying to create a positive device experience that’s never in the repair shop in the process, a laudable idea & effort.

          1. Sure, if the technology had been mature enough or have the best user paradigm, which is apparently doesn’t to Apple’s satisfaction. When Apple finally does do it you can be sure it will be better than the rest. I don’t believe Apple is ignoring the technology, just waiting for the best implementation. Time will tell.

            1. The technology has been around for over a decade, so it isn’t a “maturity” question.

              What it really comes down to is that inductive coupling isn’t compatible with Apple’s design aesthetic where every millimeter that something can be made thinner is more important than any other consideration.

  10. I use iPhone ear pods with my early 2011 13″ MacBook Pro, and am planning on getting the new AirPods when available. But if I want to really listen to music I use headphones, so I guess I’d still want the jack; or at least an adapter for whatever port.

  11. This is a first. Apple doesn’t know what people want?

    Here’s my recommendation:

    1) Power via included latest version Magsafe port (fast charging), user could have the option of buying his own charger or using a MacBook charger via USB-C (which would be limiting) to slow charge.

    2) Display output via 3-4 Thunderbolt 3 ports. Each one capable of driving a 4K display at 60Hz. Apple Stores offer free adapters to Displayport or HDMI with every purchase.

    3) Data input/output via 3-4 USB-C ports. Apple Stores offer free adapters to legacy USB, Lightning, or analog audio with every purchase.

    4) SD card slot

    5) Retain 3.5mm analog audio port integrated with mini Toslink digital audio — cap it with a dust cover so it looks clean for the people who don’t like ports.

    6) Touch ID pad located separately from the touchpad.

    7) Cable lock slot, again capped for those who won’t use it.

    8) Ethernet RJ-45 port with dust cover

    9) Three colors: matte black, silver, gold. no pink please.

    Also, release a realistically priced 5K display in three sizes to go with it: 24″, 27″, 32″.

    Also, release updated Airports and Time Capsules across the board with the latest WiFi and at least doubled memory capacity.

    Also, update all other Macs with improved replacements.

    …. I could go on, but you get the idea. Apple should be state of the art, and the Macs have not been for quite some time.

  12. IMHO: The MBP is still going to require an SD card port.

    No one wants dangling adapter hardware hooked to their MBP. SD cards are de rigueur at this point in time for various uses. Sticking an SD card adapter into a USB-C port would be a problem.

    I believe Apple and 3rd parties can supply cable adapters for everything else, including displays and headphones.

  13. My experience on bluetooth headphones and other such devices is that when you need them they are out of charge. Wired headphones are an instant solution. That’s different from what Apple did from eliminating floppy discs. Unfortunately at this moment, wireless phones will bring to users the need of an extra connector and wired phones as spare. From notebook’s view that’s just annoying. From of the iPhone, that’s the end.

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