Apple is skating to the puck beyond iPhone 7

“Come Friday, Apple will start selling the iPhone 7, but all anyone wants to talk about is the next one,” Michael Simon writes for Macworld. “Even before Phil Schiller showed off the new iPhone’s cameras and jet black body, rumors about the so-called 10th anniversary phone had already blunted much of the excitement about this year’s model.”

“If even half of what’s been reported comes true, the 2017 iPhone is going to be bigger than the last three models put together: OLED, edge-to-edge screen, wireless charging, and in-display Touch ID, just to tick off the highlights,” Simon writes. “But the iPhone 7 isn’t just a way for Apple to squeeze a couple hundred million more sales out of the iPhone 6 before the company unveils the next truly big thing.”

“From the technology inside it to the potential it presents, the iPhone 7 is simply part of a new phase for Apple, one that looks to be far more ambitious than the iPod, the iPhone, or even the Macintosh,” Simon writes. “And no matter how great the next iPhone looks, chances are we’ll be using it a whole lot less.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If you have an Apple Watch and a CarPlay-capable vehicle, you can already see where Apple’s going.


  1. Any Apple product with a battery in it, or Apple Server Farm using Solar, geothermal or fuel cells, the Apple Space Ship building or Project Titan can see where Apple is going. They are a registered energy company with the FEC. It seems that came into public consciousness the disappeared from it. A great trick.

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