“The following is all based on months of legal research. I’ve been working up to this for a good while, spending a few hours a day researching intellectual property, Apple and how they go about their business,” Brian Conroy blogs. “There’s a reason that lots of this stuff isn’t already online, and that’s because Apple do not make it easy to track them. They are notoriously secretive, and go to incredible lengths to keep their business private and out of the public eye.”

Conroy writes. “Just so you know, it’s frowned upon (to put it mildly) for a lawyer/solicitor to lie and mislead people, so it wouldn’t be great for my reputation if it transpired that I was faking this and had photoshopped the application!”

“I will be doing separate posts on many of these between now and the launch, but just to put it all out there now, I’m expecting some reference to the following,” Conroy writes. “Many of these relate to iOS 10 and have already been revealed or discussed publicly, but some have not, AT ALL.”

For example, I think we can expect to hear something about:

1. Apple Iris Engine
2. Apple Smart Button
3. Apple Touch Bar
4. Apple Iris Image Engine
5. Apple Swift Lab
6. Apple Progress Card
7. Apple Breathe
8. Apple Smart View
9. Apple Rich Links

Read more in the full article (watch the video at your own peril!) here.

MacDailyNews Take: Trademarks rarely lie.

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