“In taking a bite out of Apple Inc., the beleaguered bloc has gone where the U.S. feared to tread and demonstrated that it still has clout when it comes to taking on corporate giants,” Ian Wishart reports for Bloomberg. “The move is a powerful reminder to the U.K. that in patrolling the terms of access to its half a billion consumers, the EU punches its global weight.”

“There’s something else as well. By ordering the world’s richest company to pay Ireland a record 13 billion euros ($14.5 billion) in back taxes, it’s given the U.K. a chance to reinvent itself as a fiscal paradise for multinationals in a post-Brexit world,” Kennedy reports. “‘EU rules will not be binding in the U.K. and it’s interesting to see how it will affect firms,’ said Georgios Petropoulos, research fellow at the Brussels-based policy group Bruegel. ‘Will firms from Ireland prefer to move to the U.K. where the European Commission does not have any power to prosecute them there?'”

Kennedy reports, “‘This is another example of how the EU helps to stand up to massive international corporations,’ Susan Kramer, the economic spokesperson for the U.K.’s Liberal Democrats, said in a statement. ‘It’s perfectly possible for a company like Apple to bully Ireland, or even the U.K., into sweetheart deals — but the EU acts as a referee.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Poor Susie just doesn’t get it.

Kennedy reports, “Apple and the Irish government say they will appeal the EU ruling and the U.S. have complained that its companies are being unfairly targeted. The EU, if anything, is likely to double down.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote yesterday:

Anyone who decides to set up a business in a European Union member country today is insane.

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