Apple adds new 2TB iCloud storage tier for $19.99 per month

“Apple on Tuesday added a new 2TB storage tier to its iCloud options,” Chris Hauk reports for MacTrast. “The new tier doubles the previously available high-end option of 1TB. The new option will cost users $19.99 per month.

“Apple will keep its other plans unchanged at 99 cents a month for 50GB, $2.99 a month for 200GB and $9.99 a month for 1TB,” Hauk reports. “Also unchanged is the free 5GB amount of storage automatically offered to all iCloud users.”

“The new option comes just one week ahead of Apple’s September 7th event, where the company is expected to announce a new iPhone 7 Plus handset with a dual-lens back-facing camera,” Hauk reports. “The camera, if it materializes, would theoretically produce much larger, high-resolution photos, resulting in a need for more storage space for users who store their images in iCloud.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Getting ready for more capacious iPhones, even better cameras, and macOS Sierra!

Apple’s full list of iCloud storage plans and pricing is here.


  1. Sometimes Apple is a funny company. No discount at 2 TB? Still the highest prices in online storage? Yes, I do have the 1 TB plan.

    Better idea, Tim, to be competitive:

    Free: 10 GB
    $0.99 a month for 100GB
    $4.99 a month for 1 TB
    $9.99 a month for 5 TB

    And, please release iCloud services for business users. You left us pro users alone since ages.

  2. You can easily make your own cloud service, especially easy if you have an Airport Extreme. Cost? 2TB externals are cheaper than $99. Easy to setup, very secure and you have control over your data since it sits at home, not on another server in the wild.

    1. I can EASILY paint my own house, too. BUT if I’ve got the money, I’m going to pay someone else to do it.

      Apple’s 2 TB cloud storage product is for people with money to spend. If you don’t have that money to spend and/or want a less intuitive solution, then it’s not for you.

    1. From what I hear SSD drives used as backup but just sitting around not hooked up can fail. Need to keep them energized same as running old backup drives now and again. I had a Western Digital external drive I barely used except as backup get plugged in to be backup to a much larger drive but it failed immediately.

  3. I am planning to do the same thing – my own “cloud” backup – because I have too many Tb’s worth of stuff to save. A nice Thunderbolt2/USB3 Areca RAID (@5,50) with 8 bay’s ought do that nicely with drive failure protection.

    In my opinion $20 a month should buy 10X that amount (20Tb) and Apple could so easily do/afford that even if the economics didn’t pan out right away. Until then I’ll just do it myself and get thunderous & lightning access speeds as a bonus.

  4. Can’t we just increase free iCloud storage to 64gb. I just want to back up my phone to the cloud and not get “your storage is full” annoyances. I thought apple cared about the user experience

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