“We will maintain our $133 fair value estimate for Apple for now, even though the company was hit with a EUR 13 billion ($14.5 billion) tax bill by the European Commission, which ruled that Ireland gave illegal tax benefits to Apple,” Morningstar writes.

“We concede that $3 per share, or just over 2% of our fair value estimate, is at risk with the ruling, but the timing and amount of the final payment remain uncertain. Apple will not take a financial charge for the tax bill in its near-term results, and the fine may be placed in restricted cash but will not be immediately paid out,” Morningstar writes. “We expect both Apple and Ireland will appeal the ruling, and a final decision could take years.”

“Apple has almost $215 billion in international cash on hand, so the record tax bill will make only a small dent in the firm’s cash cushion,” Morningstar writes. “Further, Apple indicated that the ruling will not have an effect on its long-term tax rate, presumably because its Irish tax structure in question was modified in 2015. Regardless, we continue to view Apple as fundamentally undervalued, and the company remains one of our best investment ideas in the tech sector.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s share price could double and it’d still be undervalued.

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