“European authorities have clamped down on a special deal between Apple and Irish tax authorities, saying the arrangement uniquely favors Apple and is unavailable to other companies,” Rick Newman reports for Yahoo Finance. “Nixing the deal—which lowered taxes on much of Apple’s foreign income to virtually nothing—will force Apple to pay taxes in Ireland at the higher rate other companies pay. The bill: about $14.5 billion.”

Newman reports, “But Apple may get reimbursed for all of that by an unlikely benefactor: the US taxpayer. ‘It’s extremely possible the US taxpayer will have to pay this bill,’ says Stuart Gibson, a former government tax official who’s now editor of Tax Notes International. ‘For every dollar in tax Apple has to repay in Ireland, they may get to reduce their US tax bill by $1.'”

“In a simplified example, if Apple paid $14.5 billion in taxes to Ireland in a given year, and its tax liability to Uncle Sam was $50 billion, it would generally be able to reduce its US income tax by the amount of taxes it paid to Ireland. So it would only owe $35.5 billion in US taxes,” Newman reports. “That’s $14.5 billion in revenue the US Treasury won’t get, which means the government can cut spending by $14.5 billion to offset the loss, or borrow to make up the difference. In reality, the government never cuts spending based on the flow of revenue from a single source, or raises taxes on some other entity in real time. So the difference is essentially made up by borrowing, which is a future obligation borne by US taxpayers.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yup.

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