“Apple launched the new Apple TV Remote app to iOS users on Monday. The app is actually a separate app from the remote app users might have previously used to control their Apple TV, so it’ll require a new download instead of just an update,” Don Reisinger writes for Fortune. “Regardless, the app, which Apple touted earlier this year at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is a must-have for anyone who doesn’t want to hold a physical controller in-hand to navigate through the Apple TV interface.”

“Once booted up, the app automatically connects to second-, third-, and fourth-generation Apple TV units. In my case, the app automatically found my units and connected to them over Wi-Fi for instant control. Then I was able to choose which of my two Apple TVs to control,” Reisinger writes. “Upon choosing my Apple TV, I was brought to a simple screen where I could click a large Menu button, pause and play content, access the home screen, and ask Siri for all kinds of things, including movies to watch, songs to listen to, and more. I was also able to toggle on a Game Mode to get full touchscreen-based game controls on my iPhone.”

“The free Apple TV Remote app is a major leap over the previous Apple remote app, and it’s one I’ll be using,” Reisinger writes. “The hardware remote Apple launched last year with its latest Apple TV is nice and all, but it’s no match for an iPhone outfitted with one of the better apps Apple has launched in a long time.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The Siri Remote is nice and all (when you have it right side up, not upside-down — BAD design choices abound on that thing, Jony! — and when it’s not lost between the sofa cushions).

Use this new Apple TV Remote app and you’ll love your Apple TV even more!