Beleaguered HTC reports quarterly revenue of $598 million, a 44% YoY decline, net loss of $133 million

“The latest HTC results, for its Q2, confirm another loss-making quarter for the smartphone and VR headset maker, with the Taiwanese company reporting revenue of NT$18.9 billion ($598 million) for the quarter versus the NT$33.0 billion ($1.07 billion) it made in the year ago quarter,” Natasha Lomas reports for TechCrunch. “That’s a drop of around 44 percent.”

“HTC reported a loss of NT$4.2 billion ($133 million) in its second quarter, which ended June 30,” Lomas reports. “The only bright spot here is that it’s less of a revenue plunge than the company made in its Q1 when it was 64 percent down, year on year.”

“HTC reported its first loss-making quarter back in October 2013, and ever since the company has been struggling to turn its smartphone fortunes around in the face of increasingly fierce competition and a squeeze on hardware profit margins,” Lomas reports. “Commenting on its Q2 in a statement, HTC CEO and chairwoman Cher Wang said: ‘In the space of one year, we have reimagined the company, reclaimed our top spot for innovation, and demonstrated solid execution across our major product lines. I believe that HTC has regained its innovative zeal and is looking ahead with confidence and ingenuity.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: When even trampling all over Apple’s iPhone trade dress stops working for you, you know you’re doomed.

The [iPhone] design is quite weak; it’s very, very basic… [HTC has] a huge advantage.HTC CEO Peter Chou, September, 2007

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  1. Infringers, infringing upon, the infringers, IP infringement, which infringes upon any hope of…. ?????? PROFITABILITY. Bueller? Anyone? A race to the bottom. When in doubt sue the company you willfully stole IP from and clog the “American Judicial Corruption System”.

    Who cares about profit margin? Let alone profits of ANY kind. Lack of profits, not even breaking even = A LOSS. HELLO! Yet HTC remains admit, touting their innovative zeal, confidence & ingenuity. Yeah OK. All the WHILE AAPL is DOOMED. PUKE me a river. At least HTC has less egg on its face for settlement “talks” with Apple.

  2. Integrated Device Plunges After Losing $12 Million Huawei Business…..

    Needham analyst Quinn Bolton maintained his buy rating but cut his price target on IDT stock to 25 from 27. In a research note, he said investors are likely “overreacting to the Huawei news, and we would use the weakness as an opportunity to accumulate shares.”

    What a FCKin JOKE. THE SYSTEM IS RIGGED. Sad part? Asia OWNS America.

  3. HTC I believe is one of the companies who wanted to play ‘fair’ with Apple and got squashed as copying apple is what seems to pay off.

    “Apple (AAPL) and HTC (2498) signed a 10-year licensing agreement in November that covered all current, pending and future patents and ended the ongoing litigation between the two companies.”

    HTC also successfully sued Samsung for running false advertising against it including ‘fake reviews in blogs’ and astro turfing .

    as HTC has faded I have not followed HTC news for a long while so I don’t know if they have changed their apple policies . (btw the co founder of HTC is a ‘born again Christian’. I’m not religious but I think some HTC things can be attributed to her beliefs. ).

  4. “I believe that HTC has regained its innovative zeal and is looking ahead with confidence and ingenuity.’”

    i.e. – “We have come up with even more clever copying schemes and shenanigans to mimic Apple’s every device/move because we have no ideas of our own.”

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