“Assistants are all the rage right now. Everyone seems to be working on one,” Charles Jolley writes for VentureBeat. “People imagine them becoming the new interface to computers — why bother with apps and searching the web when you can just ask your assistant to do it for you?”

“Yet, a major challenge stands between the dream assistant and the current reality. It’s called the multi-agent problem, and most companies are reluctant to talk about it,” Jolley writes. “The solution will ultimately determine how much of an impact assistants will have.”

Jolley writes, “How does an assistant, with limited knowledge of the world and a limited set of isolated agents, many of which might claim to do the same thing – choose which one to activate for every command in a way that will make users happy?”

Much more in the full article – recommended – here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’re still in the infancy of personal assistants and artificial intelligence. Many breakthroughs will come.