No, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 didn’t outsell Apple’s iPhone 6s

“Android fan blogs, led by The Verge, shouted to their audiences this week that Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S7 managed to surpass sales of Apple’s iPhone 6s, based on a Kantar survey of U.S. buyers,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for AppleInsider. “The story illuminates some interesting contradictions and exposes other misleading narratives about the smartphone market.”

“This year, Samsung’s premium Galaxy S7 sales have indeed performed better, relative to the last two years of slump,” Dilger writes. “However, the company’s performance is nowhere near Apple’s and only in line with the Galaxy S4 —a phone that was outsold by iPhone 5.”

“Last year, Apple sold 61.2 million iPhones in Q2; this year sales reached ‘only’ 51.2 million,” Dilger writes. “Samsung’s premium Galaxy S7 — despite a big 25 percent year-over-year jump — still only reached 10 million”

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MacDailyNews Take: Of course, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 is not outselling Apple’s iPhone 6s.


  1. I really don’t understand this world anymore. The verge is a bug tech site and they blatantly push false information on a regular basis. There doesn’t seem to be any adherence to facts anymore, and when you point out facts to people they simply shut down and refuse to listen…. I don’t get it. When did we change into this? It used to be that the lies could be debunked (except the zombie lies that for some reason never go away), but now it doesn’t matter. People don’t seem to believe abject reality anymore and have no ability to think or see in complexity or understand more than the first sentence of a story.

    How anyone could possibly believe that Samsung outsold Apple, when it’s never happened in flagship smartphones, is either deliberately willfully ignorant or lying to themselves or others. Yes Samsung overall sells more phones, but they sell a ton of cheap crap to make up the numbers. Apples to apples comparisons of high end models, they always get crushed.

  2. Since when has The Verge been an Android fan blog? This first line really made me sceptical about this article. Kantor did indeed report that the Samsung S7 outsold the iPhone 6 and 6S plus and that is what was reported. Take a wider timeframe and the story is different, but that was not what the Verge article was about. AppleInsider (which for sure is an Apple blog) is just a deflection away from further evidence that the iPhone is going through a down period.

  3. The world badly wants Samsung to kick Apple’s butt. Let the world have some pleasure in believing it’s already happening.

    I still think it’s like shouting about Toyota outselling Mercedes-Benz in vehicle numbers and I’m not sure why anyone should even care what company outsells the other when their business and customer goals are totally different. What can anyone get out of this sort of information. It can be seen as a resurgence of Samsung or the decline of Apple or simply as a tiny slice of time. It’s not showing the big picture of the performance of both companies, so this tidbit of information doesn’t seem relevant at all.

    It’s funny how numbers are used. Apple could have sold 200 million iPhones in a year while another company could sell 25 million smartphones in that same time period. But it’s possible at the very end of the year iPhone sales could slow and an introduction of a new smartphone by that other company could surpass sales over those remaining weeks. So someone reports a story how the new smartphone is outselling the old one. What does it mean? Absolutely nothing of value. It’s really useless news but gets repeated dozens of times with click-bait headlines. Yes, we already know Apple is doomed but this story proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt. Stupid reporting.

  4. Veering into tangential thoughts:

    Propaganda, whether professional or amateur, has been around as long as mankind. It is a defining characteristic of what which is psychopathic, that which has no conscience and does whatever it takes to obtain its desire, to get its way. It sits very comfortably beside the old adage that:

    If you can’t compete, cheat.

    Or: When living in reality is too inconvenient, make up something you like better and pretend it’s the real reality.

    All of this swirls around and down into the self-destructive tank that I call deceptive ‘truth’, mankind’s worst enemy. We kill one another and commit the atrocity of war over ‘truth’ that is anything but.

    Back on topic: Lying in Samsung’s favor pays well. We’ve seen plenty of it around here at MDN.

      1. …IF that don’t suck.

        Samsung stands behind this water resistance certification, and will replace any Galaxy S7 active under its standard limited warranty, should water damage occur.

        Replacement numbers please, Samsung!

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