“One can argue that Apple Inc. is the iPhone company because the iconic device makes up more than 60-percent of the company’s revenue and profits,” Kate Mackenzie writes for PixoBebo. “So be it. But all of Apple’s major products make a lot of money and cause envy among competitors, regardless of the industry segment. Macs comprise about half the PC industry’s profits. iPads, too. Ditto Watch. Who makes more money selling music than Apple?”

“The future seems to be a heady froth of thinner, lighter, faster, and Apple has a few Mac products that are not,” Mackenzie writes. “Look at the Mac lineup. Are there a few models that Apple could throw to the curb and no one would notice?”

“Yes,” Mackenzie writes. “Here’s my look at what Apple could do to the Mac that may seem drastic but probably means little to the company’s revenue and profits. Sooner or later we’ll say goodbye to these Macs.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s no secret that the 11-inch MacBook Air is our favorite Mac ever, so it’s tough to see it on the list, but not that tough when the gorgeous, perfect-for-the-road 12-inch MacBook is available! Most likely (barring a come-from-behind move by the next-gen MBP) the MacBook is destined to be our next all-time favorite Mac.