“Nine years ago I was standing outside the Apple Store in downtown San Francisco waiting for the very first iPhone to be released,” Kent German writes for CNET. “It was a balmy summer evening (by San Francisco standards) and the Financial District bars were filling with Friday happy-hour crowds eager to start the weekend. But for former CNET editor Donald Bell and me, our workday was just beginning.”

“Our assignment that evening was to pick up our iPhone review model and head back to the office to start writing the CNET review, published in realtime while we tested Apple’s new device for the first time,” German writes. “The plan was that in a few hours we’d know whether it lived up to its stratospheric hype.”

“Donald and I quickly picked up our phone and hurried back to the office to hunker down and get to work,” German writes. “We started with the First Look video that you can watch [below] (when did I ever have that much hair?) and then started poking and prodding the phone.”

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