Elizabeth Warren accuses Apple of monopolistic-like actions; Spotify concurs

“Following Nancy Pelosi’s ‘poor Tim’ comment earlier this week, Apple today is again the target of yet another politician,” Chance Miller reports for 9to5Mac. “This time, Massachusetts senator and potential Hillary Clinton running mate Elizabeth Warren has slammed Apple, Google, and Amazon for using their size to ‘snuff out competition.'”

“Warren’s comments came during a speech in Washington at event called ‘America’s Monopoly Problem,'” Miller reports. “Specifically referring to Apple, Warren accused the company of placing conditions on competitors that make it harder for them to offer their own services, specifically referring to Apple Music. Apple ‘has placed conditions on its rivals that make it difficult for them to offer competitive streaming services,’ Warren said.”

Miller reports, “Apple has been embroiled in politics several times in recent weeks.”

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“Spotify, which has complained about the fee Apple charges music services — and other services — that sign up subscribers using its iOS platform, was happy to comment,” Peter Kafka reports for Recode. “Here’s Jonathan Prince, who runs communications and public policy for the streaming music company: ‘Apple has long used its control of iOS to squash competition in music, driving up the prices of its competitors, inappropriately forbidding us from telling our customers about lower prices, and giving itself unfair advantages across its platform through everything from the lock screen to Siri. You know there’s something wrong when Apple makes more off a Spotify subscription than it does off an Apple Music subscription and doesn’t share any of that with the music industry. They want to have their cake and eat everyone else’s too.’

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MacDailyNews Take: These are Apple’s platforms, built from the ground up. Apple owns them. Hence, Apple can charge what they like for the use of their App Store infrastructure.

Anyone who doesn’t like it, including Spotify or… oh, we don’t know, the developers of the “Make Me Indian” app  😉 can go to other smartphone platforms, including one with 82.6% market share as measured by units shipped which — drumroll, please — neatly negates any and all imperiously vapid claims of Apple having a “monopoly” in smartphones.

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  1. Liz, Liz, Liz, you ignorant fool.

    First, the reason Apple is so big is that they please their users and thus their users keep coming back.

    Second, how is a company that doesn’t even come close to having 50% market share a monopoly?

    Third, the reason Apple’s products work so well, and so much better than their competitors, is that Apple is very strict about what goes into THEIR ecosystem. If shit goes in, e.g., Android and Windows, it often turns the system into shit.

    Fourth, if Apple is such an evil monopoly why is its user satisfaction numbers through the roof. In fact, if you take the % of users who are very satisfied with their Apple products and subtract it from 100%, you will get the user satisfaction with the political hacks like you inhabiting DC.

    Liz, I once thought you were a person with integrity. Then you became a politician.

    1. A “person of integrity” does not pretend to be a native American in order to get ahead.


      No one really cares about your family or the stories you were told growing up, but we do care about your integrity. The “Cherokee flap” is important because it shows what you have done when you thought no one was watching. It is important because it shows what you have done when you thought you wouldn’t get caught. And it is important because it reveals you still think you can get away with it now that you have been caught. — Cherokee genealogist Twila Barnes

      1. … is about Warren accusing Apple et. al. of attempting to dominate certain markets.
        And she is telling the TRUTH, there.
        Apple IS trying to dominate those markets! Markets it (at a minimum) helped to CREATE. They COULD finish the job, but they are, at least, giving their competitors a chance. Poor chance, but a chance.
        This is what companies DO, in the US.
        It seems a step down from her normal critiques of Wall Street for their cheating and lying and stealing money, also a standard American practice, but along the same line.
        YOUR crap, First 2014, is OFF-TOPIC!
        Are YOUR politics interfering with your thought process?

        1. Where was all this concern about monopoly when Microsoft and IBM were better examples market dominance by way of unfair / illegal practices … oh just getting to / out of law school.

  2. Nancy Pelosi condescends to “Poor Tim” because he supported Paul Ryan (as if we were supposed to have a two-party system or something). Meanwhile Liz Warren piles on Apple because the have a successful product. The nerve of Apple. They are supposed to fail and then get subsidies from senators, to whom they will be forever beholden. “Poor Tim” clearly does not understand how “the system” is supposed to work.

    1. Sadly, Apple has taken a lot of hard hits from the Democratic regime — which I voted for, by the way. Seriously makes me wonder if Apple would have been better off under another regime.

      The hard hits I am referring to include the Koh and Cote decisions favoring Samsung and Amazon (and which pretty much precludes any action against Google Android). And the recent “you work for us, so unlock the damn iPhone” privacy jailbreak rhubarb, as in: “you work for _US_ FBI”.

      In sum, the current regime has not been particularly kind to Apple, in my view. Or even just fair.

      1. That’s the one thing about regimes. Once they learn to torture and intimidate one group they can learn to intimidate and torture anyone. Apple is about empowering people. That’s a direct threat to that regime.

        It will last until the election is over when the eagled beast will turn away from trashing its nest and descend its talons of torture and oppression onto the free and civilized world.


          1. I don’t think that will make a difference, the president from one party instigating war and torture, the other party keeping Guantanamo on the Bay Resort alive and well.

            Right now people from there can vote how they please, in the end it’s a Hilarious Dump result. When a country has 80% of their history of being at war, the regime’s ideology of being a war mongering nation can be considered a success regardless of which party.

            I was thinking of another unless….

  3. Liz: you flunked; Research 100, Analysis 101,and Public Speaking 102. You passed, with flying colors, Creating Fantasy Factoids 101, Living in Unreality 202, and Obfuscated Thinking 300. Congratulations you’re a politician. /s 🖖😀⌚️

  4. Apparently E. Warren is a lame brained idiot that doesn’t know what she is talking about. She uses baseless slurs to denigrate the opposition. She is worse than D. Trump when he criticizes his opposition.

  5. 1. There are a myriad of ways to engage with Spotify these days. People can download the app and listen to it on their personal computers, television sets, cars, speaker systems, game systems, and smartphones. My guess is Apple’s App Store represents under 5 percent of all these devices in the U.S. It doesn’t seem like Apple has a monopoly on connected devices that can run apps like Spotify.

    2. The App Store is like most stores , and there is a markup for the product. Many brick and mortar stores have around a 100 percent markup on many products. The Apple App Store markup is 30 percent. After a set time that markup decreases if the product is subscription based. I think it would be un-American for a legislating body to determine what markup a store should have, especially for a store that has less than 5 percent share of connected devices.

    3. Some people claim it is unfair that Apple excludes certain apps from their App Store. Last time I noticed, the laws of the land, in the majority of cases, don’t determine the products a particular store can or can not sell. Again, this is un-American and against basic freedom.

    4. I know some on the Left wish America was a Communist country, and all people made the same income and all companies charged the same amount for the same product, but we are a country built on entrepreneurship and innovation. Without these instincts America would of never been discovered, and thus the world would still be wallowing in a tyrant’s rule, where any glimmer of freedom would be snuffed by the wisp of a King’s robe. I should know because I’m a King deemed by God. *finger in mouth like Dr. Evil. Now, where’s my pizza!

  6. Horrible comeback MDN with the make me an Indian app, racist company are you? Seriously? I think I will delete your app. Even though I am not Indian, just reading your comment sounds racist. We should boycott your stupid company. I understand and am an Apple fanatic but you took it to a whole different level now!!!

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