“If you can believe what some industry analysts have been saying, Apple should now be playing third fiddle in the smartphone wars. Android and Windows Phone would be ahead of iOS,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “Apple would, I suppose, be destined to fall back into niche status.”

“Have you looked at the Windows Phone and BlackBerry market shares lately? Have you noticed how Microsoft is quickly unraveling the failed Nokia handset division purchase? Have you noticed how thousands of brand new Microsoft employees are being consigned to the unemployment lines?” Steinberg writes. “IDC… claims that Android will continue to gain share against iOS. But have you noticed that Android’s share is stagnant or falling slightly in the U.S. and elsewhere compared to iOS? That’s hardly gaining share. It goes back to the theory that Android, being open and partly open source, is destined to devour Apple.”

“The big problem with these well-connected industry analysis firms is that their pronouncements are taken seriously. They are quoted without question and never asked ‘show me how accurate you really are.’ The articles about them basically quote, or summarize, press releases without actually exploring the track records to see how previous predictions have fared.”

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