Apple may not refresh the 15-Inch MacBook Pro later this year after all

“A few months ago, Apple released a minor refresh of its 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro,” Ashraf Eassa writes for The Motley Fool. “The new system was mostly the same as the prior-generation model it replaced, with a few enhancements such as a slightly larger battery, faster discrete graphics processor, and a Force Touch trackpad.”

“The fact that the device didn’t include an updated processor was a disappointment, but it was expected given that Intel probably didn’t have updated processors suitable for the 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro available in quantities at the time of the device’s launch,” Eassa writes. “Although there had appeared to be evidence that updated processors from Intel might be available this fall to support an updated 15-inch MacBook Pro, it seems that this may not be the case after all.”

Eassa writes, “We might be looking at the first quarter of 2016 for a complete MacBook refresh.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Because they offer the world’s best notebooks, Apple can easily wait for Intel.


  1. Another dry and boring event, hosted by guess who… our dry, lazy and boring CEO of course.

    Cook hasn’t done a blessed thing right since he’s been CEO, frankly all he does is screw up.

    Doesn’t the MDN forum EVER get tired of making excuses for this guy?

    When you do this, it just enables the person to keep doing what they do best and that’s f**%king up!

    There are just people in this world (like Tim Cook and Steve Ballmer), that are natural born screwups.

    1. You are either a troll, a buffoon or, both. Tim Cook is the guy responsible for streamlining Apple’s previously bloated supply chain. Tim Cook is the guy who stood up an unprecedented supply chain network that can manufacture millions upon millions of iPhones and iMacs. Tim Cook is the guy who brought Apple into the big leagues of manufacturing and the big leagues of the stock market. Your comparison of him with Steve Balmer is daft.

      1. Cook is no Balmer, but the pathetic launches of IPhone 6, Macbook (Gold specially), and Aplle Watch was more than disappointing because they were three failed debacles that frustrated customers. Sure, Apple hardware releases are almost always constrained. But one would think COMPETENT new blood could solve that problem. It seems the product launches combined with the continuing frustrations with iTunes, Mail, and the buggy Safari all indicate a leader who focuse more on his political Leftist agenda than the company he’s tasked to run.

        Then there’s been the accompanying Apple Store leadership changes the are about the bottom line more than the consumer or the products.

        Yeah, Apple’s still better than most other choices, but could be so much better.

  2. macbook pro, mac mini, mac pro all are overpriced. all are slow. there is no reason to buy any of these. but, if the macbook pros could get discrete graphics and a xeon, for 1799… lenovo and the mini could get the desktop 6 and 8 core i7 with optional discrete graphics and the mac pro got much much much less expensive… now we are talking about something.

    1. Must not feed the trolls…
      Must not feed the trolls…
      Must not feed the trolls…
      Must not feed the trolls…
      Oh, hell with it…

      The MacBook Pro is NOT overpriced nor is it slow. Find an equivalent or better system that is faster and of similar build quality and name it! There are many, many Windows addicts that buy MBP systems onto which they put Windows and run it as their main OS simply because they can’t get an equivalent system built by a manufacturer that ships Windows systems natively.

      The Mac mini is due an upgrade, but is still not way over priced, and for the form factor it is much better than the tiny media centric Windows and Linux computers that you can get for similar money. A 3 GHz i7 processor with Iris 5100 graphics isn’t fast enough for you? Get an 5K iMac! Hopefully a significant refresh to the Mac mini is coming soon. You are not going to get a Mac mini form factor that supports an 8 core i7 and discrete graphics — the thermodynamics are JUST NOT THERE. You’ll have chips going unstable due to heat excursions in under an hour.

      The Mac Pro is getting long in the tooth, but Apple is waiting on the next gen chips — maybe a Broadwell (or “Haswell Refresh” as some Intel presentations have stated) or maybe they’ll wait for Skylake. Besides, build an equivalent Windows or Linux based box (equivalent, dual *professional 3D modeling grade* video cards, PCIe based SSD, ECC memory, Xeon “EP” class CPUs, as much external connectivity, etc.) and you’ll end up with something that costs even more.

    1. If Apple intends to wait through two major chipset iterations, well, it’s up to Cook to run the company that way.

      And Cook can let Ive and his artists seal up all the boxes and remove consumer configurability. That’s his choice.

      But going 2+ years without hardware updates (or 6+ years in the case of Mac accessories) is the sign of inept management. It gives the competition all the advantage. When Apple doesn’t keep up with the hardware marketplace — or worse, when Apple intentionally makes products that are sealed and practically unrepairable, with little or no ability for the customer to upgrade it over time — that’s Apple delivering inferior customer value. As a slap in the face, Apple has now decided to replace former Mac models (single-connector MacBook, mac Mini, Mac Pro, iWork, and so on have all been hobbled unnecessarily) — what does that tell the prospective Mac buyer? Clearly Apple isn’t interested in serving power users. Hell, Apple Stores have the attitude now that the user should just order online. You’re in the way when you ask to see the differences between a Mini + Display and an integrated iMac. They don’t want to be bothered, they’re to busy pushing iOS accessories.

      Apple leaves it up to the Hackintosh community or 3rd parties to attempt to fill the enormous gaping holes in the Mac lineup. I have little respect for the company that Cook is creating. Apple was great when it went the extra mile to give customers room to grow, with products that not only were well built, but allowed the user cutting edge technology. Now Apple is attempting to force everyone into limited options and complete Mac replacement.

      At the very least, Apple should give its hardware updates every year for GPU or memory specs. That would cost Apple almost nothing and it would keep its hardware in the stores from being stale.

      Remember when Apple could boast the fastest computers? Those were good days.

      1. Wow. Strong but pretty damn accurate. Apple has always been greedy about RAM pricing, but yeah, the current Mac lineup is just about the least user friendly ever. WTF was Apple thinking with the new MacBook ?????

        1. The new MacBook is pretty amazing, but we don’t need this thing AND an Air. They should ditch the Air now, and consider maybe making something that actually would work for gamers so we don’t have to also buy a PC just to hit minimum spec requirements for our latest stuff.

  3. I have no idea what Apple’s long-term intentions for professionals are, but I know of several colleagues who decided to switch to windows based workstations just to be able to use Octane. Yes, in some 3-5 years, OpenCL may be on par with CUDA, but ffs why is it that Apple thinks it’s a great idea to sell machines where the current industry standard GPUs aren’t even available as an option?

  4. As a long time Mac user, I say it is time that we all fess up to the fact that Apple sucks under the current management.

    Tim Cook thinks different – about rap music, gadgets, and gay issues, not computers. He is more concerned about the color of iPhones than the technical specifications of a computer. To Tim Cook, a computer is a fashion statement (Mac Pro anyone?) not something that can be upgraded to run CUDA code.

    It pains me, but Apple has become a gadget company and can no longer produce a computer for professional applications.

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