“On Tuesday, a panel of judges from the Second Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a two-year-old ruling that Apple was a critical player in the illegal (and highly successful) conspiracy to eliminate the $9.99 price for best-selling e-books that Amazon had made popular,” Aaron Pressman reports for Yahoo Finance. “But it was the minority report in the 2-1 decision, a dissent by Judge Dennis Jacobs in favor of Apple, that could be far more significant in the long run. ”

“That’s because the reasoning of Jacobs, a pro-business judge appointed by the first President Bush, is much more in line with the pro-business, conservative majority on the Supreme Court,” Pressman reports. “If Apple appeals to the Supremes, it is Jacobs’ opinion, not that of his two colleagues, that’s likely to have more sway.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, this travesty of justice, this ill-considered fix, will someday be corrected to Apple’s satisfaction.

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