“Perhaps logic will some day infiltrate antitrust enforcement, but not yet,” The Wall Street Journal writes. “On Tuesday a divided federal appeals court revived the competition doctrine of the early 20th century and upheld the risible antitrust campaign against Apple.”

“The Second Circuit Court of Appeals’ 2-1 opinion endorses a 2013 ruling that Apple conspired with publishing houses to fix digital book prices with the introduction of the iPad in 2010,” The WSJ writes. “Somehow this innovation that was ‘unambiguously and overwhelmingly pro-competitive,’ as Judge Dennis Jacobs put it in dissent, has been made into the antitrust crime of the (last) century.”

“In a bizarre speech in London in June, Bill Baer, who runs Justice’s antitrust shop, said the suit was about ‘an example of incumbents colluding to thwart a disruptive threat to the status quo’ and a ‘conspiracy to quash Amazon’s disruptive business model,'” The WSJ writes. “What is he talking about? Amazon was—and remains—the status quo, Apple the disrupter.”

“Apple is likely to appeal to the Supreme Court, which should take the case because Judge Livingston’s holding conflicts with a 2008 Third Circuit decision about antitrust between truck makers and distributors,” The WSJ writes. “The larger point is that the rule of reason is a plea for antitrust common sense, which has been notable by its absence during the Apple e-books farce. The High Court ought to rebuke lower courts that are embracing premodern antitrust and flouting its instructions.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Spot on. End this farce, Supremes!

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