Among other things during his radio program, Mac, iPhone, and iPad user Rush Limbaugh on Fridayy discussed his Apple’s forthcoming News app which will come free to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users with the public release of iOS 9.

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From the live on-air transcript:

Apple has a new app coming on their iOS devices, the iPhone and the iPad, and it’s called News. Have you ever heard of the app Flipboard? (interruption) You never have. Well, Flipboard is a news app, and they have any number of them. And they create magazine-looking news stories based on the usual suspects: ABC, NBC, NBC, the tech blogs. So it’s just a different way of getting your news in one place. Well, Apple announced they’re gonna do their own news app.

When I saw this I said, “They need to hire Matt Drudge,” because their news app is an aggregator. Flipboard is an aggregator. It’s one place you go to read the latest from the Washington Post, the New Yorker. You can select the sources that you want at Flipboard or Zune or any of these other apps, I think there’s two or three of them. Apple is gonna do their own.

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

They are actually going to hire human beings to put together this news app every day, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365. They have posted ads for journalists and the requirements are, certain degree, certain level of degree, education, from accredited J-schools. It’s just gonna be the New York Times all over again. It’s gonna be, pick your poison. It’s gonna be left-wing news. It’s gonna be standard, ordinary, mainstream, whatever you want to call it, Drive-By Media. It’s gonna be curated by human beings, put together by human beings, and they’re gonna hire journalists, which, Apple’s culture is liberal, too, so you know what it’s gonna be.

Apple does everything differently. Apple stands out. What is the most successful news website in America, by far? It’s the Drudge Report. The Drudge Report has more page views, the Drudge Report has more clicks, the Drudge Report has more people looking at it every day than any other single website. Bigger than the New York Times, bigger than the Washington Post… If you look at the Drudge page, it’s everything. It’s not left-wing. It’s not right-wing, but it’s clearly different. There’s nothing else like it. And isn’t it fascinating that after 27 years the people in journalism, nobody has been able to create a competitor website that comes anywhere close.

And yet what is it? It’s just a guy scouring as much as he can on the Web and choosing to link to stories that interest him. It’s essentially what it is. And when I heard about Apple’s news app, the Drudge Report, they ought to buy the Drudge Report and bring Drudge in and make him one of their employees. It’d be the most popular, it would just kill, it would be different. And they’re not gonna do it. It’s gonna end up — I mean, they can highly tout this all they want, but it’s gonna be a reflection of the people they hire. And they’re gonna hire the same people that CNN would hire or the New York Times would hire.

Everywhere you go, it’s identical. And that is what gives it authority, that no matter where you go, a story on Hillary Clinton’s gonna be the same thing: Hillary’s great, the Republicans criticizing her are screwballs, extremists, oddballs, weirdos. Or Trump is a clown, you name it, it’s gonna be the same no matter where you go. But Apple does things differently, and the Drudge page, I mean, if they want a news app that nobody else has got that’s gonna get clicks, it’s just waiting to happen. And they won’t even think of it.

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MacDailyNews Take: Matt Drudge running Apple’s New app would certainly be interesting, don’t you think?

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