Why Apple should NOT add a camera to Apple Watch 2

“Yes, there are a few reasons you might want to strap a lens onto your wristputer. I get it. Being able to FaceTime from your wrist saves you the trouble of reaching for your phone. And again, it could be a solid marketing talking point,” Brian Barrett writes for Wired. “But the list, I think, ends there. Meanwhile, there many, many reasons to reject this idea, and we’ll start with the one that might most resonate with you the most: It’s antithetical to why you made the Watch in the first place.”

“A FaceTime call would not be one of the ‘glanceable moments’ the Apple Watch enables,” Barrett writes. “It would be a squintable horror, a tiny eternity spent yapping at a stamp-sized acquaintance on your wrist.”

“Oh, and about that wrist, which is where the Apple Watch lives, because it is a watch. Where do you position it during a FaceTime chat? Normal rib-height gives your video pal a terrifying view of your chin(s) and nostrils, but raising your hand to face-level for conversational duration would be both uncomfortable and make you look insane,” Barrett writes. “I honestly can’t fathom what you’re thinking, if you are really thinking it, other than maybe Dick Tracy made watch calls all the time so it must be okay? But even then, Dick Tracy was a detective; his wrist calls were matters of life and death, an allowable exception to any manner of rudeness. Also, he was a cartoon. ”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: What do you think, would you like to be able to FaceTime chat via Apple Watch? Or would you rather a camera that points forward (from Watch’s pinky-side edge as opposed to up from the Watch face), so you can snap images right from your wrist?

Both (if they’d fit)? Or, no camera at all?

Apple Watch 2 to feature FaceTime camera, iPhone-free Wi-Fi, premium-priced $1000+ models, sources say – June 18, 2015


      1. It’s ALREADY not permitted in secure military facilities; nothing wi-fi or bluetooth capable is (I even had to give up my wireless headset for my desk telephone).

  1. I want a microscopic drone with a HD camera to fly out of Apple Watch and record my conversation regardless if I am moving or sitting still. When I am done, it will fly back into my Apple Watch and recharge.

  2. Daniel Eran Dilger at Apple Insider also wrote a nice article last week spelling out how a Facetime camera would be contrary to the ergonomics and design intention of the Apple Watch

    1. Let’s not be logical or practical about this. You’re killing the “cool” buzz of having limited one minute video conversations on your AppleWatch. Each minute of FaceTime takes away an hour of battery life. That’s a fair tradeoff.

    1. Yawn… Don’t some Android smartwatches already do that? Apple has to be the first at something. How about a built-in laser-pointer to blind muggers? Or how about a minute spray of Mace?

      This stuff is so ridiculous. Apple needs to focus on extending the battery life above all else.

          1. The camera was set on the watchband to look wherever you point the side of your arm. If you’re doing a mirror selfie then you’d see yourself holding the side of your arm in front of you, sort of like some odd military allegiance salute.

  3. Apple is NOT putting any camera on Apple Watch. Apple Watch is about enhancing the iPhone user experience. It is NOT about eliminating the need for iPhone. The most convenient way to do a FaceTime chat is to pull out the iPhone, in the same way excellent photos and videos come from iPhone’s amazing camera (NOT by awkwardly aiming the wrist with a mediocre camera). Apple wants customers to own BOTH an iPhone AND Apple Watch (and later other wearables), and treat them as one integrated system.

    Putting a camera on the watch is a gimmicky Samsung idea (like touching phones to transfer data), just to make desperate “here’s something you can’t do with Apple” ads. Even Microsoft won’t do it.

  4. The wrist is a bad location for taking photos from. Just because you can incorporate a toaster into a fridge doesn’t mean that you have to. Android devices are trying to cram as many things into them as possible for sales brochure lists. This feature bloat is what Apple has resisted and why many people love their products.

    I say no to the Swiss Army knife approach to devices. Make it do the majority of the things I need and make it do them well.

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