“While Apple was busy unveiling a new 12-inch MacBook without any full-sized USB ports, PC makers took the opportunity to mock the future they’ll inevitably adopt,” Tom Warren reports for The Verge.

“Lenovo was first out the gate by calling the new MacBook ‘so last year,’ the ultimate insult to any fashion-conscious laptop buyers,” Warren reports. “Dell followed Lenovo in its response to the Macbook with a tweet dismissing its Retina display… The final entry in the PC market response is Asus with its ZenBook UX305.”

Warren reports, “If there’s anything these comparisons teach us it’s that… the PC market doesn’t have an answer to the new 12-inch MacBook just yet — a good combination of weight, thickness, trackpad, and high-resolution display.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s the OS and the ecosystems, stupid.

The PC makers continue to offer no answers, just tweets attempting to soothe the few hapless sheep they have left and keep them bleating in their pens of antiquity.

It must suck to constantly be years behind, fighting it out with the other riff raff to scrape the cheapest, least knowledgeable, and least profitable customers off the bottom of the barrel.

With Apple, you get the future. The pinnacle of design. The state-of-the-art. Hardware and software designed to complement each other, not pulled off random racks and bolted together with an upside-down and backwards pretend Mac OS slapped in at the last minute along with all of the bloatware, adware, and crapware.

Those who can’t hack the state-of-the-art deserve to wallow in their miserable tweets of self-delusion.

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