“Ultra-high definition television sets that don’t have much content available. Wireless chargers that don’t work together because they’re built on competing industry standards,” Ian King reports for Bloomberg. “Wearable devices that few consumers have shown interest in buying.”

“Technology companies will once again be using the Consumer Electronics Show that starts next week to unveil must-have new gadgets,” King reports. “The odds are stacked against them.”

“Some companies have scaled back their participation in CES. Microsoft no longer does the eve-of-the-show keynote presentation or a giant booth to show off products. It now rents more than 20,000-square-feet of space to use on an invite-only basis for customers and partners,” King reports. “Other companies don’t bother showing up… Apple’s absence and the rise of Mobile World Congress, a mobile-technology conference that drew 85,916 attendees to Barcelona last year, takes away some of the focus of the biggest consumer device — the smartphone — from Las Vegas.”

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