More evidence Apple’s Christmas quarter will be monumental

“‘While, the holidays in general and Christmas in particular are not the sole indicator of the smartphone market share and trends,’ said Jarah Euston, Flurry’s vice president for analytics and marketing, in a post outlining new data on new mobile device activations, ‘it is safe to say that Apple’s newly released iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have had a blockbuster holiday season, despite a lackluster holiday season for the consumer electronics industry.’ Flurry’s confidence in Apple’s iPhone line this holiday season stems from its findings that the company accounted for the lion’s share of new mobile device activations from Dec. 19 to Dec. 25,” Daniel Sparks writes for The Motley Fool.

“Apple mobile devices accounted for 51% of new device activations worldwide, according to Flurry. Second place Samsung trailed far behind with an 18% share of new device activations,” Sparks writes. “Flurry’s report isn’t the only data pointing to a big quarter for Apple’s iPhone. KGI Securities’ well-connected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo estimated that first-quarter iPhone sales could soar 40% compared to the year-ago quarter. Furthermore, a survey by UBS analyst Steven Milunovich in November suggested there would be a high level of Android switchers, thanks to the appeal for the iPhone 6 line.”

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    1. In that case, we shall see how many people have partaken in eating the Apple inc.iPhone 6 & 6 Plus pudding!

      On a side note, I don’t think that I have ever been the first to post on MDN in any New Year in the past.

      Many Happy returns to you all! 🙂 Again.

      1. I don’t know about the pudding, but my Android-loving nephew says that we’ve all drunk the Apple Kool-aid

        I always tell him that may be true, but it tastes good; really, really good.

        1. Don’t forget the life enhancing vitamins and health protecting anti oxidants apple’s kool-aid contains. So much so that imbibers of Apple’s Kool-aid are protected from all manners of viruses, trojans and malware!!! Do you wonder why Applelites are so smartly dressed? No Malware!

    2. Unless it’s a Wall Street pudding. As the greedy investors eat the Apple pudding they start worrying about reaching the bottom of the bowl and how there will be nothing left. They don’t even consider the amount they just ate. The more pudding there is to eat, the more they worry about the pudding being gone and not being replaced. Wall Street is basically run by a bunch of greedy hogs.

      It’s like how they’ll keep pouring more money into Amazon hoping they’ll soon get a full bowl of pudding even though they’re not eating anything now. They’ll eat Apple pudding now while greedily hoping to get future Amazon pudding.

    1. As usual, when anyone or any company shows promise, there are hordes of people out there trying to pull them down to their level. We will have to wait only a few days after earnings are reported to see them claim that it is all down hill for Apple now.

    2. Doubtful. Most credible analysts are onboard, even if their estimates are way too low. It’s the Google/Samsung/Amazon or some fund net short sponsored BS that will continue to provide the negative noise. For example, if you use Google search and look-up “Apple News” the top two items are an article from BI (Amazon supported) titled, “Apple Watch is Going To Be a Flop” and another article about the new frivolous storage lawsuit “Apple Sued…”. It’s highly suspicious that both of these articles are the most popular Apple news stories in the last day or so.

      The bottom line: Apple is kicking ass and only a brain dead observer would think otherwise. They are operating at the highest level right now. Their company plays like the most elegant orchestra ever heard. They are completely in synch and their timing is impeccable. If you follow business it is a beautiful think to witness.

      1. That lawsuit was initiated by a grand total of two people. I’m curious to see how that goes against millions of users who don’t see that short storage as much of a problem. The thing is if even you have a 64GB iPhone, if you’ve got it stuffed with content, you’ll have to delete something. That’s what happens when you don’t have expandable memory. I don’t know if they have a case unless this OS upgrade takes up a much greater percentage of space than earlier OS upgrades did.

        1. Also killing their case is this text everywhere one can choose the capacity:
          1GB = 1 billion bytes; actual formatted capacity less.

          Not to mention that it’s industry standard to do this… and for a very justifiable reason as well. There’s really no way to advertise the exact formatted capacity.

  1. “…despite a lackluster holiday season for the consumer electronics industry.”

    Should that not read “…*causing* a lackluster holiday season for the consumer electronics industry.”?

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